7 steps to become a UX designer- as a complete beginner!

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Many of us are struggling in the same boat with no compass to direct us.


Where to begin? What to learn? Who to follow? There will be endless questions running in your mind about getting into user experience design.


So let’s look at 7 essentials steps to learn UX design before you become a full-fledged member of the UX community.


What is a UX designer?


UX designer refers to a person who designs a web/app with better usability and accessibility from the very beginning, enabling users with a pleasant experience.


UX designers need to have the knowledge of website/app design and development, master common UX design tools (such as Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator), and know-how to test a web/app design for better UX.


Make the decision to become a UX designer and stick to it


First of all, Do you really want to become a UX designer? If your answer is yes, then be confident and think properly before embarking on this technical adventure.

Decisions made without proper planning won’t work.


Research what it means to be a UX designer, look on our website Web designing courses, Chennai to gather information before making a decision.

Nothing else matters once you are committed to your decision.


Your age, your experience doesn’t matter to become a UX designer.

All you need is to put the required hard work to get there.


1.Understand all the design directions


First of all, understand what exactly you want to do.

Many people want to draw illustrations” and the person himself does not know what kind of illustrations? Cartoons or icons or animations? You have to choose yourself what you want.

Don’t involve others to choose for you.


  • Do you like working on the visual part of the design? — If your answer is yes, then you can become a visual designer (UI).
  • Do you like thinking through the concept of how the product works with the user, make the interface convenient, analyze, test? — then you can become a user experience designer (UX).
  • Do you like both the first one and the second, plus you wish to deeply understand the product, be in charge of the product, know and improve it? — then you can become a product designer.
  • Like magazines, posters, flyers, and other POS-materials, like working with a company’s identity — then you can be a graphic designer.
  • Some people know a little bit about every design field. Start to find out which specialization interests you the most. There are a lot of options, look for something that makes you happy and can devote a lot of your time!


  1. Study the tools for work


How can you succeed if you have not mastered the program you needed?


You are lucky if you are a complete beginner because you don’t have to switch from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you can directly switch to Sketch or Figma.


Read about their differences and then choose what you want to learn.


A tip from me, if you have already chosen the design direction you wish to follow, also check out in work finding platforms like Headhunter or Linkedin and see what employers are looking for, what programs you should know, and go ahead.


Below is a list of the latest programs that can be useful to know:


  • Sketch for interface design


  • Figma for interface design with collaboration capability


  • Balsamiq for creating layouts


  • Adobe XD for interface design, prototyping


  • Invision App for prototyping and collaboration


  • RedPen for collaboration


  1. Start paying attention to design


As a web designer pay attention to the structure and the content of sites and mobile applications.

Also, check the colors and fonts used.


If you want to become an interface designer, you should pay attention to everything and ask yourself the following questions:


  • Why did they put the logo here, and not there?


  • And why is a certain button at the end, and not in the beginning?


  • Learn what the site usually consists of?


Ask yourself all these questions and answer them, scrolling through the options in your head.


You are not only using the website, but you are evaluating it from a professional point of view.


  1. Surround yourself with design


My advice is to immerse yourself completely into the design, look at other people’s work every day.


There are millions of resources, few of them are:


  • Behance portfolio platform


  • Dribbble portfolio platform


  • Awwwards platform-awarded the title of the best in web design


The practice of viewing other people’s works and portfolios will help you to improvise in the design track.


If you see good projects there will be job descriptions and decision making descriptions and this will make you aware of fashion trends.


Moreover, you will get some inspiration in your field.


  1. Watch and Copy Others


How to start working as a web designer, without work experience and a degree?


To answer this question, learn from other people’s work.


Try to copy what you like from other experts.


Connect yourself with designers, who are doing really great in the field.


Just choose a site and copy the entire website. But don’t add someone else’s work in your portfolio ( just trying funny ).


I advise you to copy and get some experience and start your work.


For example, In art school, there will be classes on copying paintings and styles of different artists.


I mean that without trying to make someone else’s work better or least possible. You will not find your own.


  1. Find mentors and become mentors


Learn from professionals especially if you are a beginner.


I advise you to find a person to teach you design. They will help you to build your career.


You can also follow mentors like designers who share their experiences in blogs, in vlogs, in social networks.


Subscribe to the top designers you like, watch what they read, what conferences they go to, what new programs they are studying, so you will be aware of all the popular design events and novelties.


If you are a beginner, you can still learn simple things yourself.


For example, you can write your own blog about your first steps in the design industry.


This will help you to a deeper understanding the subject and remember the material better.


  1. Take a course


Many people are more interested in digging into the new profession at home, watching YouTube videos, reading books and articles. But it is just the first step.


To become professional, “Take the course!” — they will help.


Here come Zuan Web designing courses institute in Chennai offering a wide range of web designing courses for beginners.


Book a free demo class, to know in deep about our courses and our expert mentors!


What skills a UX designer should have?


These are some skills a UX designer should have:


  • Demand analysis


UX designers should design the user experience based on the real needs of users. So, the ability to do user research, and it is essential to analyze user requirements.


  • Interactive design


After having a better understanding, UX designers need to find the right solutions to meet user needs.

Then draw a UX flow and make simple product prototypes to test solutions.


  • Interface design


To design a better UX, UX designers have to create interactive prototypes to test the ability of a design idea.


So, the ability to design interfaces and interactive prototypes is most important.


  • Understand user psychology


It is important to understand the user’s psychology while designing the user experience for a new product.


  • Ability to solve problems


 In order to solve user problems effectively, this skill is most important for you to become a UX designer.


  • Ability to collaborate


These days, a team is creating a new product and design.

You should have the ability to communicate and collaborate with other team members.


These are the skills you should master if you want to become a good UX designer.




  1. Is UX Design a Good Career?


Yes, UX designing is 100% a good career option for job seekers.

These are the main reasons why you should choose to be a UX designer:


  • UX designer is one of the highest-paid job positions


According to Glassdoor, the average salary of UX designers is about $107,880 per year.

A senior UX designer gets paid much more than this.


  • UX designer is one of the most promising job positions


Many companies have realized the importance of quality UX design and are investing in good UX designers with all their efforts, UX designer is one of the most promising job positions.


  • UX designers can freely work on their own schedules


UX designers can work with a more open schedule.

Especially when UX design newbies become experts in UX design after several years, they can even be freelancers.


The reasons people choose to be UX designers vary from person to person.

The fact that UX designing is a good career is certainly one of them.


  1. Do you need to code to be a UX designer?


No, a UX designer does not have to code.

But, If you want to expand your design knowledge, you can learn about coding things.

Learning will broaden your minds, successfully creating a web/app design for easier and better development.


  1. Can a graphic designer become a UX designer?


Yes! With basic design knowledge and skills, it is much easier for graphic designers to learn UX design and land a UX design job.


  1. How long does it take to become a ux designer?


When it comes to UX design, the time may vary from person to person.


But, the guidance of an expert designer will take less time to learn UX design and become a UX designer quickly.




I hope this article is helpful for you to know, How to become a UX designer?


Of course, with proper guidance and course knowledge, one can become a successful UX designer.


Zuan, Web designing courses institute in Chennai will help you to become a proficient UX designer.


Our UI UX Designing Course will fulfill your goals and set a successful career.


Contact us today and happy UXing!


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