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Are you planning to work in PHP and are you worried about its scope in future? Looking at the current trends we can assure you of a good future for PHP. However, in this technical era no one technology is constant.  But if you want to choose a better option we advise you to choose PHP. Here in this article we will tell you why it is the best choice.

1.   Visibility over internet

  • If you browse the internet you can very well find many websites with extension ‘.php’. This itself is a clear sign of its popularity.
  • Currently, a PHP page is a common part of web applications and is one of the popular languages used by developers worldwide for website development.
  • If we surf the internet, we can find millions of sites built with php and mysql.

2.  PHP in blogging

  • Great blogs are built in WordPress which is also designed by PHP
  • Blogs are best content sharing sites in the internet world. Many persons operate these blogs with minimum technical knowledge. This is possible only with simple languages like php.

3.  CMS supporting PHP

  • Hundreds if not, thousands of CMS that support PHP is available on the internet for download like symphony, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.
  • CMS that support PHP help in publishing a website easily. So this can be taken as a good move for the future of PHP.

4.  PHP and MySQL

  • A combination of PHP and MySQL is used in majority of web application development.
  • Web application development is made simple even for a non-technical person with the combination of PHP and MySQL database.

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5.  Simplicity of PHP

  • PHP’s simplicity is what makes it future bright because other languages are more complex than PHP.
  • PHP came to the forefront after overtaking many powerful languages. This shows that PHP will be there for a long time.

6.  Regular updates in PHP

  • Regularly new technologies and new frameworks are being developed to modify the usage of PHP.              
  • New frameworks that support PHP coding are coming into existence regularly which is move towards PHP future.
  • Object oriented based frameworks like Zend is working like a booster for PHP web application development.
  • CMS that supports PHP provides extendable plug-ins to add to the feature of using PHP.

7.  Facts

  • Many professionals in top companies prefer PHP for web application development.
  • PHP is normally used over other languages for its above mentioned benefits.
  • PHP is also a low cost web development tool and as a result companies prefer it more.
  • PHP even for a fresher is a good tool to start with.
  • If you want to pursue your career as a developer then PHP or any other language for that matter, is just a technology, so focus more on logics.

Now you know the scope of PHP in future, so take the right decision and be blessed.

44 thoughts on “Future Scope of PHP for Web Development

  • StevenStync

    Nice Blog! Highly informative. Not only in India, most of UK companies also invest in PHP web development for the growth of their business. There is lot of scope in PHP for Web Development.

  • cris

    Thank you for this article, I would like to share my point of view that php is considered to be limited to only web applications but if you have strong interest in web then php is just starting. It is one of the basic languages to learn if you’re making a career in web development.

  • MorrisbLafe

    The details you have provided are much clear. The number of things that are developed in PHP are only increasing so the future scope is so good.

  • Jackson

    PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.
    PHP is a widely-used, free, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP. As you said Scope is very good for web development

  • Maximiuy

    Yes as you said, PHP developer has a great scope ahead. One big advantage of PHP Developers is easy to learn and Many big Website Development Company are looking for PHP Developers but these developers must have extreme knowledge in PHP as well as in client scripting language such as javascript, angular js, backbone.js.

  • Prabha

    Nice and Thanx For sharing this informational blog. PHP is such an easy language to learn for every interested candidate and also PHP has lot of scope for web development. And you have added much simplicity and comfort for users to learn it.

  • Leslie

    Your blog is awesome, made me to think a lot. Php has good career opportunity. Lot’s of big companies come with php projects and increase the recruitment in this Web development field as compare to Java and Dot net programmers. Only php will not work fine, you must have good knowledge of php frameworks like Zend, Laravel, Nette, Symfony2 and others.

  • Alexvom

    Web development has grown to be so popular over the years amidst the rising IT sector. Every start up, every company, big or small is looking forward to make use of the highly popular PHP Web Development.Yes, as you said PHP web development seems to have a lot of scope in India. Of course, there are some limitations, however, they appear to be an excellent option for starting a simple yet powerful website for your individual or company purpose.Thank you for your informative blog.

  • John Hovatter

    None of the technology can be constant, but for choosing a better option PHP is best. As per current market we can assure a good future of PHP. Thank you for your blog info.

  • Morris

    Yes the future scope of PHP is enormous. The most interesting fact about PHP is that it has become so popular that around 80% of websites are implementing PHP as their server-side scripting language today.

  • SergioNal

    Great article, you have provided whatever the info is needed, one of big advantage for PHP Developers is, after having one year experience in web development, they get offers from many other companies with good salary package whereas java developers have to have at least two year experience to make more job opportunities, hence scope is so good.

  • DanielVitle

    The Future of PHP is pretty good. PHP is an application can be run on various platforms. Any individuals who are new to programming can easily learn to use them within a short duration of time.

  • kristine

    nice blog, very much informative, yes really there is lot of scope for PHP for web development, once we learn it, it will be very much interesting.

  • Amar

    PHP is the most required skill in current web development industry. A website is an ultimate doorway for any organization that is in the IT sector. This is why there is high demand for PHP developers, Thanks for the blog.

  • vishwanth

    your blog is very much informative, thankyou

  • krishna

    Your blog is informative. yes also PHP is a flexible and powerful scripting language that computer programmers use, especially in the development of web-related tools, applications, and services.Future of PHP is really good.

  • Manikam

    nice blog, yes PHP is a widely-used open source language that is specifically used for web application development, I like PHP, future scope is very high no doubt about it. I am sure

  • shayalini

    Your blog sounds good. I share some of my views
    Nowadays approximately 83% websites are using PHP.
    I am PHP programmer having experience of 4+ years.
    yes Day by day percentage of PHP websites are increasing
    Future is really great

  • kristi

    I am very much interested in PHP, can you please tell me what are the certifications can be done?

  • vicky

    Firstly PHP is a very good language. If most of the time
    spend on internet, you probably have noticed that every
    3rd website is using PHP language. So we can not say
    that there is no scope of PHP developer.

  • Arul

    Advantages of PHP for Web Development:
    1.PHP is Open Source. Open Source means you never
    need to rely on the manufacturer to release the next
    version if something doesn’t work or pay for expensive upgrades.
    2.PHP is extendible.
    3.Large amount of databases are supported.
    4.PHP is platform independent. It will run on most of the platforms.
    5.Compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE.
    6.Low development and maintenance cost with very high performance
    and reliability
    Future is Great for web development

  • Harish

    Many people think that due to the arrival of
    newer programming languages like ruby,
    mean stack, python, lua, etc. PHP’s popularity
    is diminishing slowly. But the fact is that
    Future scope of PHP is very high compared to other
    programming language

  • Anthony

    A great piece of information. I think this is what I was exactly looking for. Your post is telling about future scope of PHP for web development, this post is very important for everyone who want to know about this.Thank you so much for shared information with us.

  • Logesh

    Web development is on the peak, and one can
    find small, mid-sized web development
    companies to big names of IT Industry in
    this niche from BM, Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.
    A survey shows that a PHP developer India
    has more career opportunities than the Java programmers.

  • Richy

    nice blog, really helped me a lot. Can
    you plz tell me salary range for php developers?

  • kamalesh

    A survey shows that a PHP developer has more
    career opportunities than the Java programmers.
    when companies like HCL, Infosys, Microsoft
    and other big companies hire you as a PHP
    Developer they also expect a lot from you.

  • nivin

    Yes for web development PHP has a great future indeed and an opensource language too, which means many people are contributing for its development and making a rich language day by day.

  • sibin

    I like web Development, last month I was searching for job, all the companies questions were related to PHP. Future is great for PHP. your blog is great so I would like to do course in your Institute, do you have any offer?

  • sneha

    This is actually good to read content of this blog. Huge knowledgeable platform has been known by this blog. Yes the future scope of php is really good, its a booming language.

  • vishnu

    your blog details are classic. Thank you so much. Future scope of PHP is very good for Web Development. More frequent designations for which Php developers are hired nowadays
    PHP Trainee
    PHP Programmer
    PHP Web Developer
    Web Designer
    Software Developer

  • monika

    since the future scope of PHP is really great, I am going to do course on PHP, can you please suggest me the best institute to learn PHP?

  • Roshini

    your blog is very much clear and easy to understand, yes I accept the fact that Future scope of PHP is really great.

  • prem

    wordings and sentence formation are really great, my friends working in php related jobs are earning more, last week me too joined in php development company, scope of PHP for web development is really big.

  • Harikrishnan

    Thank you, nice post, I read the information you have provided, I accept your fact that the future scope of PHP is really good. Nowadays I can see many people are doing php course because of its great future.

  • priyanka

    Yes, PHP web development seems to have a lot of scope in India. Of course, there are some limitations, however, they appear to be an excellent option for starting a simple yet powerful website for an individual or company purpose.

  • Jeyaraj

    The value of PHP language has increased today. If we talk about a reliable then PHP comes before all languages. Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  • Nikhila

    PHP is a very good language. If most of your time spend on internet, you probably have noticed that every 3rd website is using PHP language. So we can say that there is lot of scope for php web development, blog details are good.

  • Iniyan

    PHP web development is a booming industry, future is very high for PHP developers, day by day it is keep on increasing.

  • Rahim

    The language has the ability to run different threads with the help of pthreads. PHP has some interesting modules such as for image processing it has integration with GD and many other modules which take the workforce of the programmers. so most of the people choose php, future scope is very good for web development.

  • Rohit

    Great Blog!! The Information you have provided in this blog are true, yes the future scope of PHP is enormous.

  • sasirekha

    PHP developers getting high pay, More frequent designations for which Php developers are hired nowadays includes:
    PHP Trainee
    PHP Programmer
    PHP Web Developer
    Web Designer
    Software Developer
    so the future scope of PHP is good nowadays, thanks for the blog.

  • maran

    PHP is a booming Industry, Upcomming future scope of PHP for web development is so great.

  • suba

    Nice wordings. Future scope of PHP is very high, vast availability of php applications on internet can make you think about its popularity. PHP is one of the most popular languages for web development used by developers worldwide.

  • Harish

    Future scope of PHP is very high. Many popular sites like Wikipedia and Facebook as well as CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla are built on PHP.

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