Highly in-demand Technical skills

Highly In-Demand Technical Skills for 2020 by the Top IT Companies

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In this fast-moving era, it is important for everyone to get updated with the top technical skills to get seated in the top It companies. Likewise, if you’re an aspirant looking for a career to start in an IT company, then the following are the highly in-demand technical skills for 2020 that you must possess to enter into the Information Technology field.

In-Demand Technical Skills for 2020 by Top IT Companies:

Web designer/ Front-end developer, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

For every top brand/business, creating trust among the target audience is most important to grow in business and is possible only with the presence of a website.

Further,  knowing the importance of web presence in this digital age,  millions of websites become live on the internet every day.

Moreover, having a website for a company is a key parameter to increase the selling rate of the product and service. Therefore, websites need to be more user-friendly which helps the users to find whatever they want on the website easily.

Furthermore, the increase in mobile users is rapidly increasing day by day. So the websites are expected to be designed in a way that is more mobile-friendly. It means a user must have good experience on the mobile platform.

All these results for the expert Front end developers –  a very demanding profile in the market.

So, to get entered into the Information technology field, the candidate must possess front end developer skills such as HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP. He must a master on one of the server-side programming languages like PHP or the JAVASCRIPT

In addition to the above technical skills, having knowledge of tools like Photoshop, Canva, the premium pro will be an added advantage to get a good job in this field. This creates a large number of career opportunities in front end developments and designs.

Data Science, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

Today, with a large amount of data and data being a king in today’s business analysis world, Data science acts as a booming sector. Besides, this results in huge job opportunities for data scientists.

This is one of the most promising job oriented tech skills to have in 2020 by every aspirant. Moreover, the need for expert data science skills will be in-demand in the upcoming year too.

As we live in the digital world, hence consuming digital data is very important and key assets for every product and service selling organization.

If you have quality information about your customer then you can also sell everything online at any time sitting at home to your targeted audience.

Artificial Intelligence, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

You know, today machines are becoming very much smarter than humans. This is because of artificial intelligence which plays a major role in making machines act smarter.

Furthermore, today every device is becoming much smarter by the implementation of artificial Intelligence. Here the machine just needs very little instruction from the human to complete their assigned task.

Moreover, this sector is also a promising job-oriented sector if you develop your skills in artificial intelligence.

The job opportunities are huge for a skilled aspirant in the AI sector. Hence, students who want to become an AI specialist must have Knowledge of the programming language like Javascript, embedded system, java and some testing skills like automation testing.

Machine learning, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

Machine learning is another in-demand tech skills for 2020 to get placed in top IT companies.

The main Skill Set for machine learning is Mathematics, python, data analytics. The feature of work relies more on the machine. These machines need to be much smarter than humans, which don’t even need any little instruction from the human to complete the task very smartly.

Here the machine learns new things like a human from its past experience. There are huge job opportunities and demands for skilled Machine learning experts in the industry that would never fade off.

Digital Marketing, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

In the world of digital technology, every company promotes its product/services on the digital platform. However, to promote the products. there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and so on. The

Furthermore, these great social media digital platforms have a great influence over a huge number of audiences to market any product.

There are several media in digital marketing. Like Facebook, PPC, Google Ad words, Instagram Marking, Email Marketing, SEO, Content writing these are the main Modules in Digital Marketing.

To learn digital marketing or get entered into the field, there is no need for any specific degree. Every businessman or fresher with any background can build their career in the digital marketing field.

Network and information security (Cybersecurity), among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

Cybersecurity is another very demanding tech skill to have from the job point of view.

Today cybersecurity is a very big concern for any big database company.

As there are always several professional hackers who frequently tries to get the data from the database of the other company.

In such a case, cybersecurity plays a major role for companies to protect the data. More importantly, the banking sector needs more cybersecurity experts.

Cloud Computing(AWS), among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

Cloud computing, another highly in-demand tech skill for 2020 by top IT companies. knowing the importance, there are many numbers of Cloud computing experts on the market.

Cloud Computing service providers like AWS (amazon web services), Microsoft, Azure provides all services like hosting for enterprise-level applications.

All these results in creating a huge scope of the job for cloud computing specialists in the market. This is a very demanding and highly paid skill in the Market.

Blockchain, among the highly in-demand technical skills for 2020

Blockchain is one of the tech jobs in the market with high pay and is a distributed computing technology. The cryptocurrency is the replacement of the Conventional currency.

The scope of the job for the blockchain expert is estimated to be high. There are various demands of blockchain technology in the market.

The future generation will use cryptocurrency more. The cryptocurrency has more advantage over the conventional currency. This makes a huge demand for an expert in BlockChain technology.

Mobile Application Development, among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

With the increasing number of mobile users, mobile apps are also increasing rapidly to interact with the user. The mobile application is a very simple and easy medium to serve as a medium between the customer and the company.

There are millions of mobile applications which are providing the best service to their use by one mobile click. So, if you develop mobile development skills, there are wide job opportunities waiting out there as Mobile application development professionals.

Internet of Things (IoT), among the in-demand technical skills for 2020

IT, in natural, can be really competitive for candidates to get cracked, however, one of the fields within IT is IoT, which has room for a lot more developers.

IoT is still one of the growing sectors of the tech world and the in-demand tech skill for 2020 by many top It companies.

According to Software.org, IoT is still yet to reach its full potential as there is a lack of skilled individuals in the field. This makes IoT skills high in demand for 2020.


The IT and tech industry will always continue to evolve and there will be a lot of new skills that come in the way. Therefore, it is important to keep you up to knowledge which allows you the opportunity to grow and evolve your skills in IT companies.

Therefore, above are some of the most in-demand technical skills for 2020 by top IT comapnies, so if you want to broaden your chances of securing the most valuable roles, then invest in learning one of these skills.

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