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Become a Magento Developer – 6 Noteworthy Tips

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Looking to become a Magento developer? Here’s are some noteworthy tips that helps you land your dream job in Magento web development. Basically what is Magento? It is is one of the great open source e-commerce platforms, which is mostly preferred by programmers and website retailers worldwide. This platform has made it easier for the customers to shop online without any hassles. It is renowned for its flexibility and scalability, as you can customize according to your requirements.

These days, it isn’t easy to be a Magento expert without proper guidance. To successfully become a Magento developer, follow these 6 steps listed below:

1. Magento Skills Upgradation:

If you want to get ahead and become a Magento Developer expert, try to improve! Nowadays, many Magento developers try to enhance their skills by undergoing certification courses. A Magento Certified qualification will show clients that you have reached a professional level ability with the platform and have passed a proper test. These tests are developed by the advisory board of experts to allow you exhibit global standards. In addition, you can learn some small practical things to be extraordinary. The best way to learn Magento is through a traditional instructor-led classroom sessions like WDC’s Magento training in Chennai. It is not easy like, you can learn by viewing videos or online coaching.

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2. Magento Industry Events:

Try to attend network industry Magento events, because it will develop a relationship with industry experts, who lets you know the trend going on in the industry and help you exchange ideas. I believe it’s the best place to meet good developers and learn interesting things.

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3. Read Daily from Websites:

As per the records, many experts read websites/blogs 30 minutes or more each day. Actually, it might increase your knowledge and keep up to date knowledge. Many experts share their knowledge via, Blogging. You should try to find right fit blogs for you and try to follow & contact them.

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4. Avoid Self-Limiting thoughts:

Many successful Magento experts try to reject negative notions, try to succeed the challenges anything coming to their hand. They constantly engage in self-improvement daily.

5. Precepting you’re why:

When you doing something, take everything has a purpose, you have many questions raised in your mind like, Why do you…?

6. No Fear:

Every person has fear in mind, successful persons don’t allow fear overtake them. First, recognize your fear and try a way to overcome them. Fear keeps you in the same position and avoids your growth.

Qualifications :

#Magento Certified Solution Specialist – shows you have demonstrated a thorough understanding of Magento’s functionality to e-commerce business goals.

#Magento Certified Front End Developer – shows you have demonstrated an understanding of Magento’s theming components, ability to modify the user interface.

#Magento Certified Developer, or Developer Plus – allows them to use the respected Magento Certified Developer credential in marketing their services.


Above mentioned steps will help you in acquiring skills to become an expert in Magento platform! So, why wait? Become a Magento Developer by applying these noteworthy tips.

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    I was searching for Magento related blogs, I had a chance to read your blog, easy to understand and very much informative. Magento has a huge online community network for support since it is an open source platform for developing ecommerce sites.

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