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10 Inevitable Magento Developer Skills You Need to Have

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In the emerging world of technology, Magento is considered as one of the leading eCommerce platforms across the globe. This ultimate Magento platform is power packed with unmatched functionalities to meet the specific requirements of the customers while developing their eCommerce website. It is not only providing convenience to the developers, but it also gives an ease and convenience to the online store owners and consumers due to its flexible & user-friendly interface.

With the growth of eCommerce, there has been a surge in demand for Magento development services. Though, the process of developing the best feature-rich eCommerce store needs the expert skill of Magento developers. It’s really important to hand over your designing and development competencies into the hands of an expert.

Therefore, when you plan to hire a Magento developer, you have to concentrate on some ideas and key factors to make your eCommerce venture profitable and successful for you. There are some of the specific magento developer skills that you require to look before hiring any of the Magento developers.

Top Magento Developer Skills

Now let’s have an in-depth look over some of the best Magento developer skills that you need to have.

1. Innovation & Creativity

Magento development is the process of innovation and creativity. With the growth of eCommerce websites, creative thinking on several levels and incredible coding are the several factors every magento developer has to come up with. So, you need to hire an inventive developer who has confidence in investigating better approaches to make the best eCommerce websites and more for your business development. The creativity magento developer can build and customize highly innovative online stores that keep customers back to the website.

Besides, a skilled developer should keep an imaginative perspective to prepare future-proof strategies for your business brand. He will start working in accordance with the future planned procedure to see your business on top. If a magento developer is having a proper knowledge and creative perspective than he is suitable for developing a credible website from scratch.

2. Knowledge of Various eCommerce Integration

eCommerce integration saves lots of time by automating the whole workflow and destroying the redundancy of data & processes. The business websites would always require eCommerce integration. Therefore, the Magento developer must have an excellent knowledge of eCommerce integration with several platforms like the payment gateway. Moreover, another important thing to look for involves free, ad-supported services that are being built in the near future.

3. Strong Widget Development Skills for Magento

The magento developer should have strong widget development skills that make the data more interactive, viral, and portable. The widgets have gained a number of innovations in the web development field and covering them in any of the eCommerce businesses. It could attract a broad range of audiences by making it reachable to the most number of consumers.

4. Custom CMS Themes Development Skills

Simply, a great Magento developer will always be an expert in building custom CMS Themes. Therefore, the magento developer needs to have customization skills to create or customize a CMS theme which suits the client’s requirements. With the growing demand of CMS software, there has been observed a continuous development in creating themes for various software. This is necessary because a decent website needs to have a unique design that compliments into the brand.

5. Knowledge of Programming Languages

As explained before, Magento is a platform, written completely out of PHP. So, the magento developer must have a full knowledge of all the technical fields and terminologies. He requires to have a familiarity with technology and know how computers and web servers operate. Though, when a web developer has to get his hands dirty, he can always require HTML, CSS, and Javascript to play a significant role in the development of eCommerce websites. JavaScript frameworks have the capability to add custom functionality in the sort of modules that you can integrate with your online stores. Having a great knowledge of JavaScript along with the CMS & MVC frameworks is quite essential for the Magento developer.

Besides, the knowledge of PHP is necessary in case you are looking to exceed using Magento, and Modular Development, familiarization with MVC architecture. In addition, the web development languages and query languages are also very useful for a Magento developer. Moreover, it is important that the magento developer should a knowledge in coding directly to mobile devices.

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6. Problem-solving Skills

Being a Magento developer, you need to have great problem-solving skills. There are a number of coding and designing problems that one may come over while developing an online shopping site. To solve problems with data, MySQL plays an important role, but don’t allow other tools that can help you do precisely that. A magento developer could come across some critical problems that require to be sorted out in order to get a powerful online store at the desired time. If you abandon to make out the way from the problems, you will not get an efficient eCommerce store at the right time.

7. Knowledge of PSD and XHTML

Since this is another most popular skills that should be sought in the Magento developer. Switching the Photoshop (PSD) to the XHTML files for a template use is an excellent way to work with new templates. Besides, this type of designing to coding service is the much sought-after skill set among all of them.

8. Knowledge of SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is another great aspect that the magento developer should be aware of. It is a significant aspect and developer you hire need to be aware of all the inherent functions and working SEO to optimize your eCommerce website in a best possible way. This is important because the developer has to optimize their websites frequently with the latest possible trends going on.

9. Good Communication Skills

Communication is a two-way street and it is not only essential for a magento developer to understand the needs of the client, however, it is also necessary for the developer to communicate his point perfectly. Most eCommerce business owners are not technically outfitted, as far as web development is concerned, which makes it the web developer’s ability to voice an opinion if need be.

Moreover, having great communication skills of a magento developer would make it easy for you to make him understand your eCommerce needs easily. Although, make sure the magento developers you hire need to have constant communication skills, especially in your native language.

10. Knowledge of Latest Development Trends

Technology is growing every day and to build cutting-edge eCommerce stores using Magento is crucial for the magento developers to keep updating themselves with the latest development trends & technologies. Make sure that the magento developer you hire is well-aware about all the latest magento development trends. So, the developers to go the extra mile, constant learning and coming up with the latest trends are essential to become a pro in the field of magento development.


Hence, these are the essential magento developer skills and it is necessary to look before hiring Magento developer. I hope this article provides a clear insight into the strategies to be followed by Magento developers and these tips will help to get hired easily.

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