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Website Designing – Trends and Techniques

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While, Web Designing itself is becoming one of the major trends of 2017, especially among youngsters who prefer to take it as a career, web designers should be aware of the new trends and techniques used or introduced in the WWW.

Even though there’s no compulsion or rule for anyone to learn, accept and get familiar with every trend, it is still a good practice to understand them so that you will have less or no chance of disappointing your clients when they ask for some trendy website.

What if you don’t know the trends of web designing, but your clients do and ask for? Yes, this situation may happen to any designer because many clients nowadays are very clear in what they want; for instance, at the time when responsive design started to form as a trend (in 2014), some clients surprisingly requested for a responsive website and a lot of designers who are unaware of, what is a responsive design, faced difficulties satisfying them.

What are Web Designing Trends and Techniques?

Web Designers, in their projects, use some common techniques and practices like displaying the logo in the top left and navigation bar after the header in order to maintain the User Experience (UX). But when the designer’s mind goes out of the box, there arise a new technique like flyout navigation menus, full-screen sliders, parallax design, etc. When any of such techniques become popular among the designers, it will be considered a trend.

Latest Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

Here are the trends that are widely used by designers and requested by clients this year, 2015.

Flat Web Design:

No more unrealistic or realistic 3d effects while people are happier with flat designs.

Big Typography:

Typography is something often gets into new dimension of usage. Now it’s big. You can’t avoid seeing websites with big sized fonts in 2015.

Full Screen Backgrounds:

Using images and even videos in the background with size of the screen is becoming more popular and receiving good response in 2015.

Responsive Design:

As everyone knows, responsive web design is creating mobile friendly websites. Even though, this is not a new trend of 2105, it is still being one of the biggest trends this year.

Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax Scrolling means individual control of foreground and background elements usually at a different speed to create smooth, appealing and attractive web pages.

CSS Animations:

It is easy to locate inventive, subtle and impressive animations on web pages this year; many because of CSS 3 animations. Being easy to implement, almost any element can be applied to this type of animation.

There are more and it’s going to increase and designers need to keep up with the trends in order to best serve their clients with an unbeatable website designs.

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