Things to Consider while Selecting a CMS or Building your Own

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Choosing an appropriate or most-suitable Content Management System for each and every project is very important. But Web designing companies nowadays usually stick with any one famous CMS and use the same for all of their clients.

Maybe they’re thinking it as an advantage of working on the familiar technology where they can work faster. But in reality, this habit has several major disadvantages like sacrificing a feature or functionality only because the CMS they’re using don’t support it.

One should select a CMS that best fit the project and not the CMS they like to work with. It’s the project that is most important. Clients pay their developer for doing what’s best for their project and not for doing what they’re good at. However, selecting a right CMS will not be an easy task all the time. Maybe you need to consider below things when selecting your CMS.

Select What’s Best for the Project

Let the project decide what it needs. In most cases, people go through a situation where they can’t find one CMS which has all the features needed for the project. Some may decide to build a new CMS, but for others it is best to rethink what features the project actually needs. Prioritize the needed features and see whether you can come up with a CMS that supports at least those major features most-needed for the project. When you know you can’t work on a project alone, call for the support. Include an additional person into the project who expertise in the subject you don’t know much. Maybe he/she can help. If you are a back-end expert, you may need to talk to a front-end guy or a more experienced back-end person.

things to consider choosing the right cms

Keep it Simple for Everyone

When building a CMS or its modules, keep it simple not only for developers but also for front-end designers and users. Designers may struggle to work in an environment made for programmers and vice versa. So think about all your audience.

Avoid making an Use-and-Throw CMS

It’s a waste of time, so, don’t put all your efforts to create or major-configure a CMS to suit for only one single project. If the CMS you create doesn’t really suit for any of your future projects, maybe it’s not worth making. A CMS should be reusable and adapt to the project’s requirement. It should allow developer to add or extend a feature or completely disable a feature when he thinks that’s not necessary for the current project.

Final Thoughts

Working on the right Content Management System will not only help you complete your project but also lets your project satisfy your client. That’s your main goal, right?

2 thoughts on “Things to Consider while Selecting a CMS or Building your Own

  • rashid

    Helpful article. Joomla is a great CMS, I’ve tried a bunch of them and chose that one because it has a ton of people developing extensions for it, they are mostly free and run pretty good.

  • martina

    It doesn’t matter how great the content is, if your CMS can’t display and manage it right, it won’t have nearly half the impact it deserves. So Thank you so much for your blog, helped me a lot for building my own CMS.

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